We have begun using 100% compostable mailer pouches made from plant starch. Compost after use. Little efforts go a long way & tiny steps like these by independent homegrown labels will develop a more positive fashion landscape.

Limited Quantities

We make small batches of our designs ensuring we are not left with any dead stock or items. All products are designed and made with consideration combined with responsible sourcing. These timeless and durable styles are crafted with great quality ensuring it lasts long in your wardrobe. Buy less, Buy better.

Waste management

We support the philosophy that every small change really does matter. We try our best to ensure discarded materials become resources for our own business. We use these as trim fabrics in trousers,accessories,shirts etc minimizing waste in our capacity.

Fairly Made

Our workshop creates product for you in a fair and safe working enviroment. Each and every purchase ensures livelihood of skilled craftsmen hired by us.